There are a lot of issues happening around us that demands attention and also a solution to solve these problems. Amidst the numerous problems, for today let us focus on autism and the statistics that shout and yell resisting that it is on the rise. Another disappointing feature is the fact that in spite of medical science having done so much of progress, there has to date date been no permanent cure of this neurological disorder that can uproot this from the system. So the need of the moment is to look for medical treatment that can reduce the effects of autism if not cure it permanently. But before we get into the details of trying to change things for the better let us first have a detailed look at what the current scenario is like by taking a look look at the statistics.

The Statistics That Makes Our Eyes Pop Out In Disbelief

The figures that will have a statement is completely based on research and case studies conducted for a couple of months. The time span is large spread to get the authenticity in the facts and figures. Let us get a detailed look at it:

  • A case history published in the Journal of Autism and Development Disorders in the month of October shows us that detecting autism among girls has a very low probability because girls by nature are a lot more calmer and less hyperactive as compared to boys. Since girls, considering their ways of fashioning and bought up tend to talk less and stay in their nutshell finding out there problems analyzing them and concluding that they have autism or not promises to get more difficult. In fact when it comes to girls detecting their problems and struggles with autism happens much later in life and certainly not as early as in the case of boys. Since boys are much more active than girls understanding their problems becomes easier and helping them get the medical attention just comes naturally.
  • Here comes another piece of news that is very disheartening, autism, voted as one of the fastest growing neurological disorder in the United States so much so that people often pass it off as a health hazard that stays with the person suffering from it lifelong. Steps are now taken to stop this hazard from spreading and growing at such a rapid speed and medical researchers and doctors are doing everything they can to stop the cause. The reason for so much of attention to this also has another important factor and that is the financial drain that a family experiences because of this. Research has found that on an average autism costs $ 60,000 per year for a family and that is quite a lot if continued for their entitlement life span.
  • Research along with that the facts and figures have shown us that people living in the urban areas have higher chances of being detected with autism than people living in rural areas! Confused as to how is that possible? Well, to clear away your confusions the reason for this fact is air pollution is one of the primary factors of giving rise to autism and as we all know that air pollution is any day much higher in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas. So we now know that air pollution is the reason behind our children suffering from autism. This is one factor that is in our hands and we can make the effort to stop it. It is time we start doing our bit to give a better life to our children.

The importance or rather the necessity of knowing these facts are primarily because people need to know the current situation before attempting to make efforts to change the situation.