It is often said that no child is too young to learn. This is certainly true, and the prevalence of child prodigies helps to prove and highlight this fact. For children with autism spectrum disorder, however, the age of diagnosis can vary greatly. One thing that remains the same no matter what is the sooner a diagnosed child is started in ABA therapy, the higher their chances of developing higher cognitive, social, and academic skills will be. Because of this, it is imperative that school systems integrate early Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.

So, what is ABA and why is it so important? To understand why ABA is necessary, it is important to understand that the brain of an individual with autism spectrum disorder operates differently than the average brain. While most people easily associate cause and effect and understand large concepts, the autistic mind processes information differently. These children must be taught, through the repetition and prompting used in ABA, how to break a task into simple steps. By doing this over and over, the brain is able to develop the neurons needed to help put together larger concepts and ideas.

Another thing that is important for school systems and employees to understand is that the brain is shown to be much more capable of learning new tasks and developing new pathways when treatment is started at an earlier age. Essentially, the sooner ABA therapy is started, the higher the success rate. Studies show that children treated with ABA during preschool and elementary school years tend to be the most successful at carrying the skills and behaviors learned with them through their adult lives. This certainly helps to highlight the importance of early ABA treatment.

For school systems where budgetary restrictions make it infeasible for educators to receive personal and individual ABA training, DVD instructional courses can be remarkably effective. A well designed course will provide a number of lessons that can be easily integrated into a classroom environment. Educators will also find themselves with access to classroom materials such as picture cards that can help them teach the technique more effectively. Treating autism as early as possible through Applied Behavior Analysis provides children with greater opportunities for the rest of their lives. With a proper DVD instructional course, school systems can educate an unlimited number of staff members, ensuring that everyone knows how to act and react when it comes to a student with autism spectrum disorder.