Autism is a disorder of major concern amongstst the young ones mainly when they are very young, round about three years. The case can be said as neurodevelopmental disorder which causes a child to have in usual ways rather in a stubborn way. The symptom of such a disorder is born in a child when he or she is about six months but prominence of such disorder is shown at the age of two and half to three.

The symptoms of such a disorder mainly is found in form of lack of social interactions by the child, problems while communicating, restricted choices and a habit to repeat the same behavior again and again. Uncharacteristic eating is also a symptom of such a disorder.

Treatment from such a disorder can mean giving the child a second life. The main intention behind such treatment is to minimize the stress in minds of the children with respect to family and other related shortcomings. The treatment of such a disorder does not contain a single procedure but it contains a series of inter related and connected procedures which together works on the system.

Educational system and families can be said as the most important components of these systems as they are the one who will always be connected to the child. Their act and efforts needs to be intact to the same cause and efficient lessons with patience will inevitably lead to improvements in the child's condition. Many psychosocial interventions are also in the favor of such treatment leads to restoration of mental balance of the child.

Yet, till date no specific cure has been ascertained and child recovers by itself in some cases. The disorder of Autism is really a very sorry phase in one's life as it may also go through one's life and all one can do is to hope for the cure and try by means of simple methods.