Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, then maybe you will understand why I do what I do. “Then these are one of the most common sentiments that children share who are born autistic. we the 'normal' section of the society need to play the vital role of accepting them with their quirkiness and understand that they are edgy and different from us but not abnormal! parents must learn and adapt.

Lessons for parents having an autistic baby

Dealing with an autistic child is a different ball game all together and like everyone says that nobody is a graduate mother and bringing up your child is a constant learning process similar to the situation for an autistic child as well. But the basic problem in such a case is that a child with this disorder is sooner to getting hurt way too quickly and is extremely sensitive so as parents you are expected to show alertness in trying not get on their wrong side. To help you remain extra cautious here are some of the quick tips that you must know and practice so that your child ends up being your best friend in due course of time.

  • Soft skill development – the tone of communication must always remain polite with a well-practiced pause after every word for your child to properly understand what you are expecting them to do. Speaking to them in a raised tone stresses them out and the most common thing that they end up doing is to put their heads down to spare them the noise. So the right communication pattern to speak to them is a must and the sooner you can adopt that style better it is for your child.
  • Building relationships – autistic kids try to stay in their own world and the fear of rejection from people part of mainstream society depresses them since they choose to stay in their own world that they have designed for themselves. It is in times like this that you as parents need to stand up and give them the strength to fight these odds and help them face the world, braving the crisis with a beautiful smile. You need to bring up your child suffering from autism with the strength to face the problems and instill upon them the faith that this too shall pass.
  • Disciplined – in spite of the disorder, they are also kids and hence require the right training and discipline to grow up being a nice individual. They can not get away with things because they are autistic. Therefore, give them the right discipline but in a restrained way so that they are able to strike the right balance while growing up. Disciplining your child is important and the situation does not change even if you are born with a disorder.
  • Training your child for school – school is one such platform where your child will encounter his friends and peers and there is a wonderful scope for him that he becomes the butt of all jokes because of his disorder. It is in situations like this that you will need to guide him, navigate his journey in school and also give him the strength to deal with adverse situations. Speaking to the teacher and making them aware about your child's shortcomings help teachers also to deal with such scenarios in school in a better way.

Autism is a lifelong disorder and children born with it needs to deal with it for the rest of their life. As parents what is important is that you give them the best possible lifestyle that you would give to any 'regular' kid and help them to fight the shortcomings in the best possible way. Autism is not a disease and the best thing is, times are changing and today people realize that autism can happen to anyone and nobody has control over it. So it is cruel and is happening around that people are welcoming them to their 'normal' world and making them feel comfortable and at home even in the midst of strangers. Everybody seems to do their bit. Are you?