Autism is a term used to denote a disorder that is created within an infant within six months of its birth. The symptoms of this behavior become prominent as the child starts to grow. There are several symptoms which show that the child is suffering from Autism and one of such instance is lack of social interactions.

Autism creates a mental blockage in the mind of the child and the child can not interact with others in society. The term is also referred to Social deficit. The main syndrome lies here, children suffering from autism often show less attention to social gatherings, apart from this, social gestures like smiling, expression and other jovial ways of greeting each other are absent. Even, the response their own name is also very less, which is a very sorry situation. Taking an instance, a normal child would smile in a party and would run here and there and meet many people may it young or old and will try to enjoy the most, whereas a child who is suffering from autism will have less eye contact with other people present in the party. He will be least interested in communicating with other people and will always have a blank expression on his face as if; the party has no importance in his view.

Children in whom the symptoms of autism is heavier, who are more affected by it, in other words, have a greater resistance towards social interactions and always prefer to be alone. The case is exactly the opposite of what a non-autism child would do. At present there is no cure for such disorder apart from training by the family members and some management experts. In such a condition all a child can do is hope to get well soon from such a disaster and generally most of the children do get well as they grow up.