“A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red-letter
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you ”

This powerful song actually showed a whole new world to Isaac, a 8-year-old boy who supersedes from non verbal autism. The example that Isaac has sent for himself and the zillion other people who suffer from autism is that there is a ray of light at the end of the dark tunnel. Isaac has a disability of verbal autism which entails a problem in communication and that can not pronounce words correctly. But when he started singing this song his pitch was bang on and his voice tone was absolutely brilliant. So if you always thought autistic people could not make it big in life? Well, you guessed it wrong because the times are changing and it's indeed a new world for autistic people with plenty of opportunities.

There are millions of stories of how automatic people have made it big in their own way. Let's tap in some of the popular stories or personal achievements:

  • The story of Nick: – suffers from autism and during his four years of graduation in Glacier Peak High School has not been able to lock eyes with his peers. He never really made friends in the first years but during the graduation night he spoke on behalf of his Class of 2013 at commencement. Nick took time to come on his own but slow and steady as was his case, he did manage to emerge as a clear winner. Nick was part of several acting programs in and around high school, also termed as everyone's advocated in school and the icing on the cake came when he got an invitation for the program 'Be The Change', a seminar that gives scope to students to have a heart-wrenching conversation about the challenges that they faced in life. Nick later joined with his friends for his first ever set of football games and became an ardent fan of the girl's baseball team, encouraging them and cheering for them. Many have often heard Nick say, “I sometimes think or like to ask God why I am the way I am, but you know there are reasons for things like this.” It is for those certain “reasons” that Nick signs off saying “if I had to change, if it was all or nothing, I would keep it because it is part of who I am.” Nick stands testony to the fact that autism is a blessing giving people a fair scope to make their life beautiful.
  • Painting is therapeutic – painting has proved therapeutic for some people suffering from autism, specifically for Candace Waters just 12 years old living in Park Ridge. Little did we know that her paintings are fetching her a whopping amount of money, half of which she donates to a charity that focuses on providing autism awareness. Her paintings on an average sell within a range between $ 500 to $ 800. We all know that autism affects speaking skills so yes painting is a great way through which Candace tries to express herself. This gift of painting stands tall against all odds that she had to face because of autism .

These short stories act as a reminder to let everyone know that autism is a blessing in disguise because with autism comes a few special gifts rather talents that stand out. Another big motivation would be let you know that Bill Gates was autistic as well. So if Bill Gates could make it big in life so can you!