Autism can be a very challenging disorder. Children have a hard time with self discipline at the best of times. Autistic children have even more trouble mastering this skill set. There are a variety of different symptoms and behaviors associated with Autism. Inappropriate behavior such as outbursts, aggression, and hurting themselves are common. A popular method that a lot of parents are utilizing is self control management. What this does is provide the child with the skills needed to learn to control the dangerous and at times violent behaviors.

Self control management is successful as it puts the onus on the child. They are not feeling controlled by others. Consistent structure and monitoring when and where the outbursts happens is key. Communicating with the child is essential. They need to be able to say how they feel or let you know what it was that caused the behavior. Starting with short period of time is best, and reassurance is key. Using 10-15 minute intervals is recommended and then reassures the child that they are ok, monitor in a passive tone, and make them aware of good and bad behavior.

This is also considered self evaluation. Once the child feels that they are in control and not being forced by someone else they become more aware of what is happening. You must set short and long term goals with the child. Start out with a morning, and plan for no aggressive behavior. Frequent review with the child is very important. If they are feeling overwhelmed then sometimes it's a bit soon for self management.

Once you have determined a comfortable level, you need to also incorporate a reward program. The child needs to realize that reaching the short term goals important. A reward program will help with this. They will also realize that they are closer to the long term goals. Many parents use a sticker system, or some other goal setting marker. It's a good idea to discuss with the child their likes and dislikes and set up a reward system that suits their needs. These programs take a lot of patience, but once mastered will be instilled for a lifetime.