Autism is a disorder which hurts every parent and it hurts them more than the one who suffers it, that is, their child. Autism is a situation where a child behaves in an uncommon manner where all his activities are restricted to certain useful ones and he has a lack of willingness to be in the social surroundings. The child is lost in his own world and often prefers to be alone. Research and studies have proven that there are certain common behaviors in children who suffer from autism.

Genetic behavior is one of the prime observations where the patients have a chromosome abnormality and other syndromes in the genetic composition. Autism spectrum disorder is also coupled with other genetic disorder. Mental retardation is another case, here, the mental balance of the child is very weak and even the easiest things appear difficult to child. As there is a restriction in the minds of the children that they tend to pick up at a very low rates and then, things start to get difficult for them. Physical anomalies is also a point of focus where, child is also restricted in the physical endeavors where a child is unable to perform physical movements, but these are not a major one, as physical anomalies can be possible in very rare cases of autism.

Along with the above mentioned behaviors there are also some other common factors such as anxiety disorder, preempted diagnoses, Epilepsy, sleeping problems etc. Autism is mainly caused by a complex series of disorders with different causes which occurs simultaneously. Autism has no specific cure but case have come where child gets cured all by himself at the later ages, but one must not lose hope and the remedy treatment should continue in form of family efforts to restore the mental balance of the child.