There are many different kinds of autism symptoms. Some are more more than others. Some are less understood than others. Some of the more unique autism symptoms have to do with intellectual quirks, such as hyperlexia and special interests.

Many kids with autism tend to be quite smart. Autistic children with high IQs may be classified as having Asperger's syndrome (a form of high functioning autism). As we know, autism is a spectrum disorder, so there will be kids who have autism and have extremely different abilities and backgrounds and each can exhibit different autism symptoms.

Hyperlexia – a Unique Symptom of Autism

Not everyone will have the autism symptoms described in this article. But many will. Many kids with autism have something called hyperlexia. It means that they can recognize letters and words, and read, by a very early age, often by 2.

Kids who have hyperlexia do not understand what they are reading, but they love reading. They read everything they can get their hands on. They are the type of kids that will read every sign, every label, and every package because of their love of language.

Comprehension is Often a Problem with Hyperlexia

The problem with hyperlexia is that while it looks pretty neat on the outside to have a 2 or 3 year old reading books, it becomes a problem later on when they struggle with the comprehension of what they are reading. This unique ability to read above age level but not comprehend what is being read is a classic autism symptom.

A young child with autism may “read” a book, but they can not break it down into smaller parts or understand the parts of language or rules of grammar that make up it. They can echo lines from the books they read, often long complicated sentences (also called “echolia”), but forming their own original sentences is often much harder.

The autism symptom, Hyperlexia, in many ways is like skipping the basic rules of language to go to the more advanced ones – but without ever mastering the basic ones that you will need for all future lessons.

Special interests are a Common Autism Symptom

Most kids with autism also have special interests. There are certain subjects that they are fascinated with and will remember every obscure detail about. It might be dinosaurs, fire trucks of World War II – and your child's mind will be a like a sponge for every piece of information out there about this topic.

The autistic child often has a great memory for details. Remembering numbers and dates come easily to them. This amazing ability to remember obscure details is a common symptom of autism. Because of this, some will refer to those who exhibit this autism symptom as “walking encyclopedias.”

Kids with autism will often get very absorbed in what they are doing, especially when it pertains to their special interests. They are hard to interrupt and may even seem to lose track of the world around them.

These Autism Symptoms May Help with Future Employment

While these autism symptoms have the unfortunate effect of isolating them from their peers when they are younger, when they are older these hits can be helpful. In the work world, the knowledge, dedication and loyalty people with autism show can be a boon in certain fields and under certain conditions. Special interests, hyperlexia and other intellectual quirks are just some of the many autism symptoms that you may find in your child.