Kids are the largest bundle of joy for parents and every parent wants the best for their child with unconditional love and support. But what happens when parents realize that their kids are autistic? It seems that their world comes shattering down in front of them with all their hopes and aspirations about their children becoming a distant unachievable dream. But does that mean parents love their children any less? I guess the answer is no and in spite of all the odds parents still love their kids unconditionally whatever they are born autistic or not. Parents want the world for their children and if they have an autistic child then this wish of getting the best for them increases to make them feel all the more secure.

Education as the basic foundation for any child

The all round development of a child happens only by getting the right education and enrolling in the best school ensures just that. Having an autistic child increases the tension wherever as parents they will be able to get the best school for their child or not. Unfortunately it is difficult for autistic children to get the social acceptance from the peers in school and that is one of the most common fears of both parents and teachers.

Now that we have become aware about the common fears that parents and teachers undergo when they have kids suffering from autism along with a bunch of normal kids around them. Let us know a few interesting facts during such a situation:

  • A survey conducted in The University of Manchester states that kids with autism are likely to be bullied by their peers and friends. To validate this statement the survey had 119 parents and 722 teachers who felt that autistic kids are always bullied and eventually became the butt of all jokes in class as compared to in special schools where there is no scope of them getting bullied. So yes, the chances are more likely in this case as parents opt to send their children to regular schools.
  • The act of bullying autistic kids have an adverse impact on their personality and self-esteem. It breaks their self-confidence and makes them feel that they are incapacitated of facing the world and achieving something worthwhile in their life. Special care must be taken always to ensure that nobody gets a chance to hurt them since they are very sensitive. But including this all the time among all the other kids by a single teacher becomes a difficult task to maintain.
  • They are rather to becoming the soft targets in school by their peer group. Therefore, it is a must to ensure their safety all for the sake of shaping a brighter future for them.
  • With some guidance and a bit of support from friends, family and teachers these kids can work brilliantly and they can manage to shape up their life and future like a shining diamond. What must be done to achieve this would be to allow them to communicate and socialize that would help them cope with life brilliantly. All autistic kids boast of a strong potential to have a ravishing life in the future but what is most important is that they need the right anchor or support to help them nurture these talents and skills to eventually become successful in life.

Autism is not a disease but just a disorder that demands a bit of our attention. These facts help us to be a little more aware about the ways in which we need to take care of our autistic kids and ensure that they do all that is necessary to have a future worth a million bucks.