When family members hear the fact that a new born individual is born with a problem like autism, it is often met with a variety of different reactions. While in the magical fantasy world that some wish we lived in where all the family members even those who are distant would be supportive of such a situation in reality family members often react by being disappointed or disgusted. Is it true that a family person looks at a automatic child in a bad way all the time? Do they look at your autistic child in an infinite way? Do you expect your family people to treat the autistic child in the same way that they treat all other normal children in the family, even when there are situations where they should not? These are situations where you can tell that family members are not aware on how to act with the autistic child or the environment. So for a person that has a automatic child it is important to be aware of these issues.

In most cases family members both close and distant to you just do not know how to react to a situation of an autistic family member. This is because they do not understand how to react to a situation like this. Most often see autism as mental retardation, however they fail to see that most of the autistic individuals are very intelligent and just are not able to communicate with others in the same way as other would be able to. A way to overcome this is to spend time with the clueless family member and get them to spend time with you and your autistic child. Give them a chance to understand your situation and how you accept with it.

If the family member is still being rude or unsupportive of your situation even after you try to help them understand then ask them why they are acting in such a way. Perhaps they feel they may hurt the child in some way. Perhaps they are worried about the extra commitment to looking after the child. Maybe they feel guilty or embarrassed by the situation. If you are able to see why the family member is acting unsupportive you may be able to help them through it and get them to support you.

You may find that even after trying to help the family member understand your situation you just can change them and they continue to act unresponsive. No matter how much you try, you just wont be able to change these negative individuals to see how life is so good with your child with autism and everything. The best option may not be easy but could be the best thing for your child and you, to let that negative person go and avoid them at all costs, as the negative energy will bring you down for no reason. In this hard situation you need all the positive energy that you can get. Try to focus your energies on those family members that are supportive of your situation as the positive will help you to make the best of the situation. Try to get even more support from those experiencing similar situations as you by joining support groups that involve parents of autistic children. Just surround yourself with positive people that will help you with your situation and give you the much needed support.