Autism gets its due yet again in Hollywood post the release of 'Story of Luke'. This light-hearted comedy has hit the theaters in April and this movie takes you through Luke's journey who is in search of a girlfriend and a job in spite of being autistic. This movie makes us realize yet again that every autistic person describes to be treated equally and describes equal opportunities in life. It is important to throw some more light on what exactly is autism. Autism can be classified as a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain hampering the person's communication skills and their ability to form social relations with people. But the good news in the offering is that this disorder can be treated with effective results. Excited to know how? Well, let's put an end to your excitement and read on.

Know the symptoms of autism
Judging that people have autism is very but finding out the immediate symptoms before being judgmental is important. So let's get started and zero in on the symptoms that concludes a person to be autistic.

  • Does not like socially interacting with people and that includes parents as well. Parents often categorize their autistic kids as “unaffectionate”.
  • Autistic people avoid eye contacts with people even while interacting with them.
  • They suffer from communication problems and fail to have friends.
  • They hate loud noise and prefers to be a part of a regular routine.

Now these symptoms are not all that bad and these can be worked up with the right kind of socialization and constant help and support from friends. Parental guidance is one of the basic foundation based on which the child develops the confidence and the zeal to improve their condition. Following this comes the medical aid.

Autism Treatment
Little do people know that best autism treatment doing the rounds in the global market is in Wisconsin. According to recent reports, Wisconsin has gone a step ahead with a mandate that states all insurance companies must cover autism treatment of children as well. This helped parents heave a sigh of relief along with the confidence that this would strengthen their child's development with an aim for a better treatment.

Here is a quick guide to some of the autism treatment centers around Wisconsin :

  • Modern Practices – It is a private practice providing psychiatric treatment and also therapy to fight against autism. The basic philosophy of this institute would be to involve patients and their families in order to form a treatment plan.
  • Family Service at Waukesha – The services they provide are custom-made to suit the needs of the requirements of the patients because they feel that each patient has their individual problem which can not be generalized. It is important to make a prior appointment before you decide to drop in. Their experience in this field is as long as thirty years.
  • Northshore Clinic and Consultants – Psychiatric treatment is something that they specialize in. They feel that family plays a crucial role in molding the child's personality so their set of training and therapy also involves the child's parents. This institute has been in the industry for the past twenty years and counting.
  • Cost – an average cost per session is somewhere between $ 50 to $ 110
  • Awareness Counseling Services, Inc. – They value patience as the largest treasure when dealing with autistic people. They feel patience and time is the largest treatment that can be given to them for their development. This institute focuses more on reminding their patients to take care of their body, mind and spirit encouraging them to laugh and feel positive. They boast their treatment plans with thirty years of experience.
  • Cost – An average cost per session is between $ 150 to $ 200.
  • Behavioral Health Clinic of Wausau – This institute boasts of staff where almost the major of them are PhD bearers. Everyone in this institute work together in a collective way so that care towards their patients do not get compromised in any way. They focus on keeping their environment relaxed so that patients feel at home. With skilled staff members and nine years of experience, this institute is fresh and overflowing with new techniques to fight autism.

This list boasts of some of the best places in Wisconsin that provides the best autism treatment, is your one stop spot to know where to go to fight the battle against autism. Make the most of this list today.