More research is coming out about an issue in many children with autism which deals with cerebral folate deficiency. Cerebral folate deficiency can cause issues with speech, cognition, awareness, focus, etc. and is something that can be treated.

Today I want to discuss folate, folinic acid, and some new research that is recently being released on cerebral folate deficiency in Autism. Cerebral folate deficiency has been known about in the medical community for a number of years. Children often have poor growth, speech problems, nervous system problems, attention issues, comprehension problems, and many times, at an early age, their heads stop growing normally. And when testing is done on children with these issues, what is called antibody testing, they discover these immune folate reactions that are happening to the folate transport receptors.

When we talk about folate uptake, and many times people think of folic acid, but to be effectively utilized by the brain for growth and development it must be transported through the blood, in the cerebral spinal fluid and then into the brain tissue. If there are antibodies that block those receptors then we have an issue where blood folate levels rise but the cerebral spinal fluid levels drop and then the issues with folate deficiency occurred.

There is both past and current research validating the fact that a number of children with autism have these folate transport receptor antibodies. My own testing with my patients has confirmed this trend also. Dr. Frye and Dr. Rossignol are both researchers and physicians involved in the biomedical field and they have been looking at this issue for a while. They are seeing marked improvements in areas like speech, focusing, attention, general awareness, etc. when these children are given high doses of folinic acid. These doses are more than what you would get in a regular supplement, it would be a prescription dose that is compounded. Many of these children have tried various biomedical therapies without responding very well so this is very exciting information.

I would suggest that you look more into this area. You can find more information on cerebral folate deficiency in Autism, especially from Dr. Frye and Dr. Rossignol. I think you would find it very worthwhile. My website,, also has much more information on cerebral folate deficiency and autism in the parent forum. You can also post questions there each day to me on this topic or other biomedical issues relating to Autism.