It is unfair to consider autism a disease, it is merely just a disorder that requires some amount of brain wiring. People seem to write a lot on autism but lets face it that this is a mental condition that has room for improvement with love and a hell lot of socialization and the ability of people to accept the autistic person the way he / she is. Simply put as per medical science it is a neurological and social disorder, so you see, this is not a disease. It is time we stop behaving like autism is a disease and take up the cause seriously and fight for it. How? By spreading awareness, letting people know about the medical aid that is available, by launching charity signs and charitable trusts and organizing fund-raisers. So let's get started and kick-start something worthwhile for the cause of autism.

Let's have a look around us

People across the globe has taken the cause of autism a tad too seriously and it is great to see that autism has come on its own. From being considered a disease and made been fun at to thinking it merely as a disorder that demands medical treatment and people taking up the cause seriously and fighting against it. Times are changing, people across the globe have all contributed in their own small way to show support to this cause with the help of charitable trusts, fund-raising shows, et al. Let's have a look at some of the popular causes that have become phenomenal across the globe:

  • Sometimes in early July somewhere in and around Rochester a fund-raiser was initiated to fight the cause of autism. The name of it is Project Life Saver and their aims and ambition to fight the cause of autism along with a couple of more disorders is phenomenal. This fund-raiser has a wide base and can be easily looked up to when any other small organizations choose to also do something like this, do good for people having their own set of suffering and problem.
  • In Cape Cod, the problem of autism is a little personal because in Orleans psychotherapists Lauren and Bob Jones are proud parents to their 24-year-old autistic son Alexander. Having their son face similar problems like any other autistic person face that they figured out that something needs to be done to show support towards autism. Here started their journey to reach out to parents in and around Cape Cod who have children suffering from autism to start a long-term community primarily a residential area where all the autistic children could live together and enjoy the same educational standard. In the midst of staying with people who are like them their confidence level would also start growing and their journey towards adulthood will be an enjoyable experience for them. The main aim was to provide them the basic social and educational needs that they deserve.
  • A Massachusetts-based young start-up called SynapDx is keeping no stone unturned to diagnose the tragedies of autism at a very early stage only if parents are willing to take up this test on their children. Does not it sound exciting? The procedure to this would be a carefully balanced combination of advanced bio informatics, blood test and genome sequencing. That's not all, this cause has allowed them to collect a whopping $ 15.4 million by Google Ventures to start working on this blood test to study this disorder. Trying to think why diagnosing autism originated? Well, diagnosing autism usually takes up a couple of years because parents can not track autism in the initial years of child growth. This delay in tracking autism often delays the medical treatment that if started at an early stage can show remarkable results. Here is the work on coming out with this medical test because this would help parents considerably well to design their child's future accordingly.

These are some of the major fund-raising events and charities that have done remarkably well throughout the globe setting an example that it is never too late to fight for the cause you believe in or you think is worthwhile. Autism is certainly one such cause. So why are you still sitting idle? Step out and do your bit!