Autism is one of the fastest growing problems in America. Autism affects about 1 out of 1,000 people. It is a disorder of the neural which affects communication and makes interaction difficult. Most child with Autism display social withdrawal, perform repetitive movements, and their motor skills is lacking. Most Autistic children are non verbal, and if they are verbal, there needs to express is difficult. They are often angry and emotion because they are unable express themselves.

Many people believe that children with autism are socially awkward. They tend to enjoy activities alone and prefer to think to themselves. Most Autistic children have difficulty communicating as most can not speak properly, they are verbally slow, and they are not expressive. Many autistic child display repetitive behavior such as swing a toy in their hands back and forth in the air, or push a toy train forward and backward. They may clap their hand consistently through the day. Some autistic child display compulsive behavior which is arranging objects in order. There are many symptom of Autism and they are manageable.

Children with Autism need to be taught on a daily basis. They learn how to live life, perform basic task such as drawing or writing, and they learn how to interact with people. Since Autism is different in each child, a treatment is tailor to each child with special needs. Many treatment includes self care which the child learn how to take care of basic needs. There are no known cure for Autism so a life long treatment is necessary and special care.

Parents can find special school tailor to their autistic child needs. There are many special programs and it is the parent decision to decide which school is right for their child. Special programs are offered in public school and private school. The Government pays all if not most of the funding cost for children with Autism. It is best to apply for these programs as there may be a waiting list since Autism is becoming more common.

It is important to parents to be patient with children with Autism. It is difficult and is a long journey. Many Autistic children are capable of learning, although it does take patience and a great amount of time. However, in the end it is very rewarding to see your child improve and walk the journey of becoming a normal child.