Gone are the days when cancer meant the end of your world. With science and medical technology booming like never before it is time to bid goodbye to cancer and breathe life in a new way afresh. Well, it is important for us to know that cancer in its various forms can be treated as per the diagnosis. And if you want to find out the perfect balance between a couple of treatments to cure cancer then you have come to the right spot. This article will focus on fighting metastatic cancer and this is going to be your one stop spot for the solution that you have been looking for across the web.

Metastatic Cancer?

Metastatic cancer is any form of cancer that spreads in various parts of the body. For a clearer understanding of this type of cancer let us take the help of an example, if a person is diagnosed with breast cancer but it spreads to the lungs as well so it takes the form of metastatic breast cancer and not lung cancer as is the most common confusion among people. The good news is metastatic cancer can be treated with the help of medical progress but the unfortunate part is not all types of metastatic cancer can be treated. Without any further ado let us now find out the treatment that medical science has been able to provide to us.

The treatment

The treatment for metastatic cancer is a careful balance between the ketogenic diet and the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The ability to be able to strike the right balance between these two treatments is the key to successfully fighting metastatic cancer. This article will provide you with facts as to how both ketogenic diet and oxygen hyperbaric therapy works following that will be the case histories that have proved time and again with desired results.

The Ketogenic Diet

This diet has been a monster hit to fight the advanced stages of metastatic cancer when the cancer bug has spread beyond the original point to other parts. How does it work? This diet is high on fat so much so that the ratio is something as four grams of fat to one gram of carbohydrates or protein. Usually a person's diet is high on carbs and proteins and carbohydrates are burnt into glucose which the cancer cells engulf. Thus following a ketogenic diet helps the person have food high on fat which makes the cancer cells starve to death eventually leading to their death.

Let us now study a few case histories to see the silver lining behind the dark clouds of metastatic cancer. The first metastatic cancer case popped up in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition way back in 1995. This form of diet was experienced upon two children suffering from brain cancer. As luck would have it, they were part of several life threatening chemo and radiation until they were given the ketogenic diet only to see remarkable results. The ketogenic diet is believed to be one of the most conspicuous treatments for metastatic cancer of today.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A piece of news doing the rounds last year stated that hyperbaric oxygen might be the cause for increasing chances of cancer. The apprehension of many was that the cancer tissue might expand and the heavy flow of hyperbaric oxygen might increase the recurrence of cancer. Extensive studies and experiments have proven that hyperbaric oxygen therapies is an aggressively good treatment in curbing down metastatic cancer and has developed rapidly in the 21st century in the field of nursing and medicine. Much to the surprise of everyone, systematic studies on hyperbaric oxygen therapy has brought to light the fact that it definitely does not enhance cancer but it destroys certain cancer cells from the various subtypes of cancer that prevails. This form of therapy reverses the effects of cancer leading to the death of the cancer cells in case of few of the subtypes.

The right balance

The balance of these two treatments combined in the right proportion helps in curing cancer to the extent of even destroying the injuries in the form of cancer cells. If you are still wondering the trick of these two treatments combined together then let me tell you that these two treatments are non-toxic protecting the healthy tissues and in its due course destroying the cancer cells. This statement has been put to experiment with successful results.

So it is time to stop cribbing about cancer and to fight back!