I would like to cover a little bit about the curcumin products like turmeric and possible phenol reactions. I have seen children with Autism who respond very well to products such as turmeric or Enhansa, both having the active ingredient of curcumin. We think that the positive effects come from potential anti-fungal or anti-bacterial effects that curcumin has been shown to have. Curcumin also is an anti-inflammatory and the benefit we see with these children could potentially come from that as well. Evidence is also mounting that curcumin may also raise glutathione levels in addition. So there are many reasons why we are seeing improvement with the use of curcumin products.

The issue becomes phenol sensitivity and some children can react very negatively to phenols. Phenols are chemicals that are found in many different types of foods, they are especially found in artificial colors and flavors. The reaction to phenols variates for each child. Some children become hyperactive, others get irritated and over stimulated and there even even supplements with phenols needs to be removed. If you have begun a supplement like Enhansa or another turmeric supplement with curcumin and you see immediate reactions like hyperactivity or irritability or over stimulation, you may be seeing a phenol reaction. You should not automatically assume that it is from yeast die off as a result of the anti-fungal properties of the supplement. There is nothing wrong with these supplements but for children with phenol sensitivity, their bodies just may be unable to process the phenols in the supplements.

So for children who are reactive to phenols, many times I will have parents stop the supplement for a few days to observe whether the reaction subsides, and often it does, Some families that already know their child has phenol sensitivities, or who see a reaction and know that it is phenol related, will stop the supplement for a period, let the reaction subside and then restart the supplement but with an enzyme called No Phenol. No Phenol is a product from Houston Enzymes that aids in the breakdown of phenols. Some children who use No Phenol still have to avoid foods with phenols or maybe things with very high phenols, others do very well with the enzyme so you have to experiment just a little with your child. So for some children, the addition of No Phenol along with supplements like Enhansa or other turmeric products allows them to tolerate it very well. I think Enhansa and other turmeric products are great remedies and you can find a lot more information about them on my website, wwwdotautismactionplandotcom and on other websites as well. I believe it is a very worthy supplement to begin for many children, you just have to be aware of a potential phenol reaction.