So you thought autism is the end of your child's world? You thought the pain and suffering of this disorder will see your child's world crumbling apart in front of you? Now, is the time to throw all these worries that you have into the dustbin because medical science today is at its best phase and has a treatment for almost everything. Well, almost, not really everything so control your expectations! Today medical science has an answer for autism and the answer is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Still unaware of what is HBOT?

If you are still caught unaware about what is HBOT then your wait is finally over because this is one of the most successful treatment procedure that helps any autistic patient to reduce the effect of autism. Wondering how it works? This is the treatment where oxygen is the only medicine, hence the one and only drug. The autistic patient prescribed to breathe 100% pure oxygen in a closed chamber that has a customized atmospheric pressure of 1-1 / 2 to 3 times more than the normal pressure. A normal HBOT chamber can either be a monoplace for a single person or for a small group of people. Are you guessing that breathing 100% pure oxygen in the closed chamber means inhaling and exhaling at a rapid speed? No, the patients are strictly prescribed to stay relaxed and breathe absolutely normally without rushing through the entire process. Any initial hits? Yes, due to the high pressure patients may face a certain amount of discomfort or ear popping inside the chamber but this usually fades away gradually when the pressure comes back to normal. Depending on the condition of the patient the session lasts from somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Here comes the brownie points, majority of health insurance policies incorporated the clinically approved use of HBOT. So even if this medical treatment burns a hole down your pocket you are rest assured because now it is part of your insurance package. HBOT is not just a medical treatment prescribed for people suffering from autism, on the contrary this therapy is also used for

  • thermal burns
  • injuries where enough oxygen does not reach the tissues
  • blockage in blood vessels particularly the retinal artery
  • infections around the tissues

These are some of the injuries that also claims the HBOT treatment. Not to forget that this kind of injury is quite painful.

Can HBOT help in overcoming the pain?

HBOT is a treatment procedure that focuses on curing along with a significant reduction in the pain. The health issues other than autism for which HBOT can also be used is quite painful and at times the pain tend to become unbearable for people. Trying to understand why the focus is on reducing the pain of these injuries? The side-effects of pain results in depression and sleepless nights, both these side-effects have an adverse impact on your health. Here, the focus of HBOT is to cut pain along with bringing in remarkable healing results.

We all know that inside the sealed chamber with 100% pure oxygen and increased atmospheric pressure some changes are bound to take place that the patient shall observe.

  • These changes are mainly the red blood cells which carries oxygen and tend to get saturated along with it. In a closed chamber and such conditions an individual's hemoglobin becomes formed and the flow of oxygen specifically around your wounds and injuries help considerably reducing the pain.
  • The ability to squeeze in as much oxygen as possible with the help of HBOT helps the tissues and cells to receive oxygen which is one of their basic nutrient for healing and eventually the pain reduces. Due to injury the cells and tissues tend to become swollen and since the ability to receive the much-needed oxygen becomes a hindrance in recovery and also reducing the pain.
  • Depending on the intensity of the injury the HBOT session is prescribed. The only drastic change that a patient might have to deal with and ever overcome would be the ability of your ears to with the sudden change in the atmospheric pressure. There is no major impact on your ears and it is just a matter of time till your emails get adjusted to this change.

So yes, HBOT provides the much-needed relief from pain which is necessary to make you feel positive about recovering, maintaining a good health and having a peaceful sleep.