One of the major issues for a kid with Asperger syndrome is social interactions. Actually, a lot of parents actually catch on once once they start looking at their child's reaction to social situations. Usually a kid with Asperger's syndrome would have a hard time comprehending instructions from an individual. They are not sure, sometimes, who is talking in groups, or they can not distinguish between different nonverbal (face) cues in individuals. Oftentimes forming relationships and friendships become more and more of a pain than everything else.

A child with Aspergers would have low need to share a new discovery or experience with others most of the time. For example, if a child paints a picture which he or she really likes, often they will keep it to theselves and not share it with anyone else like most children would do. Think of the last time your nephew or son or grandson drew a picture. You probably have fifteen on your fridge right now! Children with Asperger syndrome may not be like this; instead they would hide it away or throw it away so that no one else will see it. This makes sense when you think about it.

What do you do when your non-Asperger syndrome kid gives you a picture they drew or painted? You praise them, you hug them, you squeal a little bit! Children with Asperger syndrome are smart! They do not like this. They do not like loud noises, being touched or being in the spotlight so to speak. The child could occasionally become obsessive with an object. For example they may be regularly amused by little toy trucks or small toy cars. They might become so obsessive with them that they'll sit for hours and watch the way the wheels turn against the floor.

The child may try expressing how amazing he thinks it is, but it may seem that as soon as he opens his mouth to speak he gets stage fear. Take the car away, and he will likely be very upset. While lots of children are like this, it is somehow different with him. It's, to a degree, an abnormal reaction!