Nancy, Cora and I were friends from high school and Nancy had quite a wild childhood, you know what I mean right? Life was one big party for her with lots of friends, sleepovers, clubbing, drinking, etc. and the best thing was her father had all the money to support this lifestyle of hers. In short, she had it all in terms of lifestyle that as teened kids we aspired to have, but alas! Though now she has sobered down but it's too late already, we'll find out why it's too late.

Cora, my other friend was just another regular kid on the block. Now as we grow up to be independent and eventually married we decided to start a family. Nancy inherited her father's wealth and it was now that Nancy started having problems conceiving a baby. After several visits to doctors the problem could have been grossly summed up because of her brash lifestyle with lots on unhealthy eating habits and alcohol. She did follow a disciplined life but it was all too late as has been mentioned by me earlier. On the other hand Cora was blessed with a cute baby girl and named her Rose because the girl was as exquisite and beautiful as the flower rose. But life had different plans for Cora as well when she found out that her daughter was autistic.

Autism as we all know demanded medical treatment and Cora did not have the financial stability to afford this prolonged medical treatment. The joke that God made on two of my most beautiful friends disheartened me. Nancy had all the money but not a child and Cora had a child but not the money to help her daughter. IF ONLY God could swap their needs then life would have been great was my only wish. Being a friend what I did was research on Google about the most cost effective ways of curing autism which would still have the desired results.

Affordability of HBOT

To my surprise I found out that one of the most effective ways of curing autism would be through HBOT and my joy saw no limits when I figured out that HBOT gives you the desired results and that too at affordable prices. I immediately shared all the information with Cora and then I realized that many other parents might feel the same problem and so I decided to share it with them as well through this post. Check them out:

  • The price range for HBOT treatment is vast depending on the medical institute or hospital you choose for your child. The price of this treatment depends as per the standards of the hospital so rather than focusing on the price of the treatment focus on the hospital first.
  • HBOT treatments are all about putting the patient (in this case your child) inside the chamber and all they have to do inside the chamber is breathe in at their regular momentum. It is important that you decide whether you want a personalized chamber or whether you would prefer sharing the chamber with the other patients as well. Sharing the chamber does not mean that you will be cramped inside it, in spite of sharing, the chambers can still be considered spacious and the results when you share the chamber with others or just use it personally does nit make much difference. The only difference would be the pricing, it is obvious that if you share the chamber with others for each session the prices will be comparatively low as against using the chamber all to yourself. So in this case, it is entirely your call.
  • The best part about having a HBOT treatment is that the amount is not dependent on the time duration that a patient is inside the chamber. The time duration is as per the condition of the patient and as has been prescribed by the doctor so it does not really matter whether you stick around inside the chamber for an hour or for 30 minutes.
  • The lowest possible range for HBOT is $ 60 and the highest range can shoot up to as much as $ 6000. A little over the top gesture could also be if you decide to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for your child. Buying a personalized chamber could burn a $ 14,000 hole in your pocket but I guess millionaire parents feel its worth it because nothing is as precious to them as their little bundle of joy.

All these points must help you clearly to choose what is best for your child. I shared all this information with Cora only to see that little Rose was recuperating very fast and was showing remarkable results in spite of her parents having limited means. As far as Nancy was concerned a little research from Google helped me to know about surrogacy and I advised Nancy to go for a surrogate child. And within a year's time I could just see their problems flying off the window specifically when Nancy was blessed with another baby girl Lily and Rose was showing remarkable improvements growing up to make her parents proud.

So my piece of advise to all those parents having an autistic child would be – it is not the end of the world and you can do your bit in spite of the little money that you have saved all your life. What more? There are a lot of fundraisers who continue to put in all their efforts to gather funds for autistic children and their doors are always open for you and you can always take help from such charitable trusts. As parents we want the very best for our children and the bonus comes when we get to know that HBOT has become very affordable today.