It is time, we accept people facing the neurological disorder called autism are not normal so bringing them up like any other regular kid will obviously not give you the desired results that you are wanting. However this statement does not imply that there is no hope for autistic people to get an education for themselves, it is just that the style of education is a tad bit different for them. So let us think of suitable alternatives keeping in mind the requirements of an autistic child and the approaches that would benefit them. always remember that they need attention and special care.

The current scenario in schools

Unfortunately schools are ill-equipped to meet the needs of an autistic child and moreover in a class of 40 to 50 odd students it is practically impossible for teachers to give special attention to these special children, something that they need a lot in their growing up years when they are building their foundation. What works brilliantly for such kids is the right guidance in their first couple of years that would eventually help in turning things in their favor later in life. But if there is a hitch right in the beginning then things never go their way way through their life. Well, if this is the current situation with its fair share of problems then the situation needs a solution because the kids with this neurological disorder describes one. Here, after a lot of brain-wracking studies and research the most suited solution is to start practicing home schooling, a way in which the kids stay in their comfort zone and get all the attention of their teachers, all of this helps them to gradually emerge as strong, confident and autistic-ally beautiful!

The need of home schools for the special child

One can not practice regular stuff for autistic kids and similar is the case when it comes to traditional classes because they are boring having the same walls and wall paint, and most importantly, some parts to spice things up? But we all are aware that since these are classes, adding new color and variety is not something that is easily possible, unfortunately but true so what is the next thing that one can figure out as a suitable alternative. Make your home your bedroom because each room has a new story to say that never fails to bore you.

Some interesting statistics will make your eyes pop out in disbelief but check them out to realize how many parents vouch for home schooling for their autistic child:

  • In the year 1999 roughly 8,50,000 students came under the practice of home school in the United States and seeing the success rate of the children the number has increased to 1.5 million by 2009 as cited by the National Home Education Research Institute.
  • A study performed in 2008 by Easter Seals and the Autism Society of America revealed that 70% parents are much more worried about their autistic child's education as compared to only 36% parents worried about their normal child's education.

These statistics make things very clear that parents prefer home school for their kids. It is necessary that kids with this disorder get the right kind of upbringing so that they are brave enough to stand up against the rough waters that life will pose in front of them with time. To make them become so, it is necessary for teachers to first enter their comfort zone and then gradually convince them and mold them to change for the better and to emerge as powerful mature individuals.

One of the tested and tested formulas that work beautifully well for the kids as well as for their parents, this scheme is definitely going to continue and work well in the following years to come. Fingers crossed!