Not many people in and around the United States have taken autism very seriously. But the times are changing and the day is not far off when people will stand up unanimously towards this cause because this disorder is on the rise. Recent statistics have shown us that about 3 million people suffer from this disorder and unfortunately not many people are aware about this growing number. So it is important to consider a couple of hypothetical situations like what if a country loses 3 million people in a day or what if 3 million people go missing without anyone knowing about their whereabouts? It is a matter of deep concern and people would do everything they can to make sure that things get back to being normal. If that is the case then it is time for people to take up the cause of autism because this disorder, if not treated properly would lead to the kids going missing.

It is disheartening to see that people have lost touch with this section of 3 million kids because of the social impairments that they suffer from. It seems nobody has the time nor the patience to deal with them, try to sit and connect with them or even understand their problems because we have done nothing to help them.

The Problems That Only the Parents Have to Live With

The time has come for people to realize that autism is a monumental health crisis and only the parents having autistic child face the brunt of it while others remain absolutely unperturbed about it. Let us find out the regular daily problems that parents face and keep telling them that 'this is autism and my child is suffering from it while nobody else is bothered.'

  • The Habit of not doing anything and sitting blank – A neurological disorder that often leaves the kids completely blank about what they wish to do. Imagine the situation parents are in when they see such kids sitting absolutely blank and unable to figure out what they wish to do in life and just sitting there feeling numb about their surrounding.
  • The lack of emotions – Parents just dote on their kids and spoil them rotten, this is not at all uncommon. Unfortunately for kids has a disability autism they can not feel emotions nor can they reciprocate to it. The feeling of warmth, comfort and love are all alien concepts for such kids, nor can they feel anything while receiving it and nor can they spread it around them.
  • The problem of communication – One of the major problems of autism is the lack of proper communication of the kids to communicate clearly. The lack of proper communication worsens the current situation because understanding their problems become all the more difficult indeed making parents lose their patience to deal with them. Communication is probably the only aspect that could bridge the gap between regular people and the autistic people but this problem in speech just spoils everything making matters worse.
  • The inability to follow actions – Kids with this disability have problems in following instructions because the verbal instructions fail to get registered in their brain and they remain confused about what they should do. This often leads to people losing their patience and the children remain enclosed in their own shell because they start fearing failure and lose confidence on themselves.

These are some of the most common problems that people face if they have to deal with autistic kids everyday. No matter how bad the situation, people must always remember that dealing with autism requires a lot of patience and the ability to understand them and be extremely sensitive towards them.