Our systems are able to manufacture Melatonin. However, in automatic children, there is an insufficient quantity of this hormone. This results in a state of sleep deprivation. This chronic lack of sufficient sleep can have many far reaching repercussions in health and personality. Autistic children may start to exhibit abnormal personality traits. In addition, there may be a residual health effect on both parents, from staying awake with the child. Naturally, this can produce hostility in the entire family. Getting out of bed on uncomfortable sleep can put an individual in a very negative frame of mind. The child in particular will have a very agitated manner. Of course, an autistic kid who is extremely tired is in no mood to work with doctors or health professionals.

If this describes the situation with your autistic child, consider supplementing his diet with Melatonin pills. This hormone is available over the counter at most drug stores. Melatonin is a more conservative treatment than the more mainstream prescription sleeping pills. These potent sleep aids are known to be dangerously habit forming. Melatonin is manufactured by our systems on a daily basis. By having the child take in additional Melatonin, you are surely insuring that he is getting a sufficient amount in his system.

The best time to ingest the supplement is half an hour before going to sleep at night. To stay on the conservative side, start with the least potent dose. In general, the autistic child will fare best on a supplement of one gram or slightly more. Be safe and make the first dose for just one gram. If you administrator too much, your child may have difficulty coming out of it in the morning. In addition, high doses can produce bad dreams. The child may show signs of being very lethargic and doped up for the next 24 hours. Naturally, this is contrary to what you are trying to accomplish with this supplement. The object is to provide the child with sufficient sleep, not to drug him up.

Melatonin generally continues to work well for an indefinite period. There is no evidence to suggest that the use of Melatonin must be cycled for optimal effect. However, if you notice a decrease in effectiveness, stop the supplement for a very brief period, and then resume. The brief reply should produce a renewed benefit for the child. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Autistic children realize other favorable side effects from this hormone. For instance, there seems to be an uptick in focus after taking Melatonin the previous night. Also, Melatonin has been shown to alleviate mood swings in automatic children. An added benefit is that you can eliminate the need for those dangerous prescriptions.

As you can see, Melatonin is a panacea for a sleep deprived autistic child. Getting sufficient sleep is critical for an autistic child. Make sure you ask your medical practitioner before combining Melatonin with a prescription of any kind. Do not administrator this supplement during the day under any circumstances- it is meant for evenings only. If your child takes Melatonin at 3 AM, you could notice a disruption in his nervous system the following day. This may compound the insomnia into a more serious condition.

Should your physician discuss a sleeping pill prescription, think about trying Melatonin as a safer substitute. There are no residual problems from the daily use of Melatonin. The hormone is not in any way habit forming from use in reasonable dosages. It is the exact same substance that our systems manufacture anyway. There are some individuals who have the misfortune of not being able to generate enough Melatonin on their own. This remarkable hormone provides the extra Melatonin that is required to have quality sleep and to awaken in an invigorated state.