There are many symptoms associated with Autism. Neverheless, each person that has Autism shows symptoms in their own way. They might have only a few symptoms and they could show several.

Resources indicated that there is one in 166 children born with Autism. Autism symptoms usually show up by age of 3 years, but if someone has mild Autism it might not be noticed until they are older and even in adulthood. Some people are not even diagnosed. No matter when a person shows Autism symptoms and are diagnosed with this condition that they are able to function in the world in many cases. If a person is diagnosed there is no cure at this time for this disability involving social and process development. It is considered a brain disorder making it difficult for them to interact and communicate with others. They are unable to understand jokes, humor, non-verbal gestures and facial expressions.

There are actually two types of Autism known as low and high functioning Autism. If a person has low functioning Autism they often have to continue care meaning they will be in residential homes or living with family. If a person has high functioning Autism they can live independently because they are able to care for themselves.

Autism symptoms include communication difficulty. This includes not understanding body language, facial expressions, jokes and voice tones. They often enjoy communication best when writing such as using email. Another Autism symptom is social awkwardness which may come from feeling insecure about their communication issues. They have trouble making eye contact as well, which other people interpret as not being interested or being disrespectful. All of these elements make it difficult for Autistic to make friends. Additionally, intimate with autistic adults is difficult and even with socializing, they have reservations making friends. Oftentimes, they require directional help as they may keep on doing a task such as arranging objects for hours.

Sometimes symptoms can be having trouble dealing with time. They often find themselves stopping in the middle of a task to do something else. This means they have trouble finishing task according to a deadline. It could take them longer to get something done as well because they are worried about the organization of everything dealing with the task. They can also be extremely emotional making a minor upset into something major and feeling out of control.

It could make them get really upset. Obsession is an Autism symptom to many as well. They can spend hours working on a task or focusing on an object. This includes talking about it all the time. Others may keep on doing repetitive tasks or obsessive activities at unsuitable times. Although their short term memory is not too good, the long term memory is exceptional. It is a misconception that having Autism means a person is mentally retarded. This is not true. However due to the limiting physical movements, in many cases, the autistic adults require help with basic tasks and later in life, require home residence care or institutional care.