My mom always thought there was something different about me. I liked objects more than people. I regularly paced and played with cards. I liked Babylon 5 (believe it or not this is one of the diagnosis criteria for Asperger Syndrome).

My mom thought I had Asperger Syndrome so she found a study at UCSD to diagnosis me. I was diagnosed with Asperger's, I was playing a lot of Dance Dance Revolution at the time so my scores on the tests were low because I could not get DDR out of my mind. I was disappointed at my low scores but I loved my diagnosis of Asperger's.

It was an awesome label. It meant I liked Babylon 5 and that I liked objects better than people. It means that I'd rather play with my slinky then be annoyed by pestering questions. Asperger's got me to participate in several fun research studies and it even helped get me a job at the Research on Aging and Development Laboratory.

When I heard that they might be getting rid of the Asperger diagnosis and merging it with Autism I thought it was cool due to the fact that Autism was a very broad spectrum like Cancer which covers multiple disorders. Autism was just another word to describe that I liked objects better than people.

When people accuse Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory of having Asperger's (or very high on the autism spectrum) I feel proud to be associated with such a genius.

I have always viewed Autism as a label for more enlightened individuals rather than those who would rather talk and gab all the time.