Discussions about autism, stimulated by the scientific studies, have highlighted the importance of good activities and rituals time and time again. However, unfortunately, our uninformed society only served the harm to these discussions by perceiving autism in the wrong spirit which is sharply reflected now in the way teachers teach autistic students in schools.

Based on surveys, I specifically criticize the teaching methods of most schools which serve no good in raising autistic students properly, because their methods are mostly not in consonance with their mentality. It's also been reported that some teachers often show intolerance towards these students and do not treat them as an effective member of the school; there is a noticeable emotional & psychological disconnection between teachers and autistic students.

On the other hand, multifarious surveys have also demonstrated over and over again that students with autism learn their true values ​​from their home – especially from their mothers. Their mothers play a vital role in ethically raising them so that they can become humane, successful, and rich within the integral parts of the society. These mothers teach their autistic children to understand the meaning of existence on this planet by giving them the guidance in moral values ​​and opening their mindset. Literate people, who understand the deep-rooted corrupt nature of our society, praise these mothers and feel proud of their parenting.

These happy mothers' secrets revolve around those activities and rituals in which the best rules are followed and the best standards are maintained. After analyzing the information provided in the form of questions, surveys, researches, and solutions, I've included only those activities in the list below which evolve the moral codes in the behavior of an autistic teenager from a very early age so that he can fill the gaps of his life and live as a loving, promising, and successful person in the future.

Activities & Rituals:

  • Test his wings by letting him engage in the chat rooms on the internet if his age is relevant to taste this new independence. The perception of being unknown is very comfortable, especially for a teen with autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), because it covers his deep-rooted fears about being sociable and boosts his self-esteem.
  • The true sense of worthiness comes from reading books. People who overly exaggerate the importance of books perceive so well that books deliver the finest thoughts in the finest manner at the finest situation of life. Often, most autistic teenagers develop interest in reading books after recognizing that books are the most powerful way to boost self-esteem. Autistic teenagers who consistently read books voluntarily switch from autistic state to typical state when it comes to earn their own independence. Therefore, the more you introduce reading activity in your child's life, the more you set him for greater success.
  • Mikle South, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University (BYU), tells us, “People with autism do not experience or understand their world in the same way we do.” This proves that we have no option but to deal with autistic teenagers with a targeted approach, because we both are not on the same page. It's our moral duty to teach them the simplicity of life first on a constant basis – such as: cooking, shopping, planning, driving, and organizing – and then make them realize that they are exactly like us. This will not only crush their feelings of isolation but also generate the possibility for them of having new friends with similar interests.
  • Demonstrate your child that his or her, body is able to do many things by giving him smaller tasks or goals such as pushing, pulling, and carrying things from one place to another. Consistent actions on small tasks help your child to develop generalizations about his body and gradually make him more self conscious about his actions.
  • Take advantage of the striking power of “Mind Movies”, because, these days researchers are demonstrating the power of them more than ever before with plenty of experiments and ensuring us that our minds have much more power than we realize. Compel your teenager to collect the pictures of ideal future from different sources and help him to turn them into a 3 to 5 minute video. Make him see his bright future two times during a day in order to invite positive elements in his nature within 2 to 3 months. This activity (watching ideal mind movie daily) specifically works if a child is a loner by nature or nonverbal.
  • “Make a ritual to constantly change the little stuff of his life instead of big stuff in order to end his sufferings.” This is the ritual which parents and teachers need to adopt since most teenagers with autism have hypersensitive sensations; some can hear the sound of the oven from the next room and can not sleep well because of it, and some can attempt to flee from the room, because they can not end the intensity of the smell of the roses. So, the only solution is to change the details, not the whole picture.
  • Many autistic people have come to light in the conventional art galleries with the amazing power of their talent and even highlighted in art magazines and documentaries. It's been said time and time again that people with autism have an amazing power to notice, and work on, extreme details; This thing makes them especially special in the field of art. If your child has an interest in any field of art, then you can assist him to take advantage of his supernatural abilities by including an art related activity in his daily schedule. This will not only promote the excellence of his abilities but also help him to express his feelings through different mediums.

Influence of Good Rituals & Activities:

Researches tell us that good rituals and activities serve the best education to the autistic teenagers, enable them to adopt social life, enhance their self-esteem, and strengthen their family values ​​(which is integral for their growth and civilization) in our progressive world. Most successful parents know that the only way forward in transforming a teenager from autistic to normal is to include good rituals in his life. Today, famous and successful autistic people such as Daryl Hannah (American film actress), Christopher Knowles (poet and painter), and Temple Grandin (professor at Colorado State University and autistic activist) are by and large the result of good rituals and activities.

In autism, the influence of good rituals & activities is quite impressive. Autistic teenagers, especially with OCD and ADHD problem, achieve foolish proof success when the rest of the world underestimates them or weakens their potential. As long as these teenagers follow good rationals with due seriousness, they stay away from the meaningless route of life (which is usually set by our uninformed society) after understanding that they are standing in their own way of success.

All the advances made by some successful autistic people are nothing but an encouragement for us, because we have realized after studying the life of these people that we have the resources in the form of activities and rituals to make the lives of our automatic children easier in this cruel world. All we need to do is to stay away from ill-advised path, avoid 'ifs' and 'buts', and latch on to the promising future.