Should children with autism or Aspergers Syndrome (or other related disorders) be suspended from school?

If the child is in a regular public / private school and is overly aggressive towards other students or teachers, what to do? What if they are on an IEP at this school?

If the child is attending a special school due to their condition, does it make sense that the child be suspended?

What about the age of the child? Should a child of 5 or 8 years old be suspended? What about a child of 12 or 13? Any difference if the child is 16 with a disorder?

Certainly if the child is on an IEP that recognizes their disorder or they are attending a special school that claims to be able to help children with the child's disorder, then NO, they should NOT suspend the child. Age MAY play a role in certain cases.

That said, it is important to recognize every child is different. When it comes to these disorders, they are all different and two children with the same exact disorders, same age, similar backgrounds can have very different views and understanding of the world around them. It may be appropriate to suspend one child, but the other may simply not fully understand the seriousness. The point simply does not get through.

While it may be possible that the child will get the message, will understand the seriousness, it is important to be sure this really is the case. Often these children will learn to say what the adults around them want to hear. For example, when asked “Do you want to be suspended?” Egypt “Do you understand that this is a really big deal (or problem)?” the child will most certainly respond with what the adult wants to hear. They may have enjoyed their suspension or maybe they enjoy the excitement and attention or change. School policy can assure progress in helping these children.

If you are dealing with this issue, it is recommended you discuss this with a skilled advocate for guidance. You may also consider seeking information online via articles, forums or similar.

The most important thing is to remember that this is about the child. Try to understand their view, their world. Possibly they had a bad morning bus ride and it came out at 1pm as aggressive behavior. Maybe the child is frustrated they are unable to do certain work. There are so many factors here, so may points to work on and address. Try to stay calm, objective and constructive and help your child.