Children, with any form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), are often assailed by suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. They feel utterly pessimistic, stranded, and overwhelmed with emotional pain, and this situation cripples the lives of their parents too.

In order to defeat the suicidal thoughts of your autistic child, first you need to understand that the actual cause of his pain. Without understanding your child's pain, it would be utterly impossible to deal with him, and his suicidal thoughts.

There are many reasons that can compel an autistic child to ponder suicide. For example, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, and social anxiety. But, these all reasons come under two major categories.

(1) Absence of Filters.

(2) Low Self-Esteem.

Once you understand how these two categories affect your child, and from which category your child belongs, it becomes easier for you to resolve the issues easily and immediately … Here, I've put together some precious information regarding these two categories with proper solutions. Now, first let's talk about 'Absence of Filters'.

Absence of Filters

Our mind has a really restricted absorption rate. We can not absorb all the information accessible to our mind in each second. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have observed a process that the brain exerts to filter out distracting thoughts to concentrate on a single bit of information. In other words, our brain cuts the clutter.

Our brains have the magical capability to filter out excessive information. For example, when we look at some chair; it appears to us as a place to sit. But, this is not the case with an autistic child. His mind does not filter out the excess information. When he looks at some chair, he notices the pattern of the wood, shades of light, types of colors, several forms, and smoothness etc. While noticing all these things, the general meaning of a chair emerges in his mind.

An autistic child's brain is over performing. His mind can not filter out all the information. Therefore, when you stuck his routine, force him to meet with new people, or bring simple changes in his lifestyle, he feels depressed. You indirectly introduce pain in his life. Consequently, he becomes a loner person in order to keep the uniformity & calmness in his life.

When his mind refuses to absorb a constant amount of new information every day, he starts thinking about suicide. He asks you death related question, or express his interest in death related topics.

Solution: The simplest thing you can do is to keep his life as predictable as you can. Do not shower him with new things, new changes, and new routines. The more you will keep the uniformity in his life, the more you will keep the suicidal thoughts away from him.

Low Self-Esteem

How many times have you complimented the obsession of your child? How many times have you asked questions regarding his intense amount of interest? How many times have you tried to turn his obsession into something productive?

I agree, you probably do all these things in order to support your child and his feelings, but the world does not care. Children with autism experience torment and distrust all their lives. No one believes on their words, feelings, and emotions. Everyone mock them, their obsession, and their personality. And, when these things get intense, or hurt him emotionally, he thinks about committing suicide.

Schools and social-gatherings are also heavy burdens for autistic children, because children with autism constantly face teasing and bullying. Their eccentricity makes them the easy target of bullies. Therefore, they start to become a loner or violent by nature in order to defend themselves. Thus, the beauty of their personality dilutes, and they begin to think about death solemnly in order to save their self-esteem.

When you abuse an autistic child, all day, day-to-day, and wreck his self-esteem carelessly, what else do you expect him to do? You can even make a normal person think about committing suicide by torturing him emotionally all day, and by distrusting his thoughts and feelings.

If your child has autism, then it does not mean that he is eccentric. If you ask me, in reality, he is better than us. An autistic child has a rich world, a world where true beauty exists. On the other hand, our world is quite blurred; we are unable to see the true beauty around us.

Solution: Take interest in his obsession, and ask him questions. Ask him to teach you something about his obsession. When you believe in his world – which is of course true – you increase his self-esteem. Your interest in his obsession motivates him and compels him to trust you wholeheartedly … And, when there is someone who believes in your world completely, suicidal thoughts never ever appear in your mind.

Only you can become the best friend of your child. When you do not know what's upsetting your child emotionally, and what's compelling him / her thinking about death and suicide, you always bring trouble into your life. However, once you understand the core feelings of your child and handle him according to his needs, you introduce heavenly happiness in your life & family.