One of the usual problems with children who have Aspergers is the problem with auditory problems. Actually, this is one of the reasons that a lot of parents end up taking their kids into a doctor, just because they act different than most kids would have something like a flashlight or a fire alarm going off.

Most of the times these kids will begin screaming or tell you that its too loud, or sometimes they look to get away from all the noise and the light. Children with Aspergers account for 40% of the kids of all ages who have problems with some form of sensitivity.

You could even, as a parent, talk too loud. This will set the child off! The most general sensitivities are with the senses of sound and touch, although hypersensitivity is also recorded in value of taste, smell, light strength and color.

Children might become scared or almost enraged with anger because of a noise. It can be anything which we would not usually believe to be a nuisance. Often it might seem like the kid is having a temper tantrum or that he is having a panic attack of some sort.

Often they would stand back, back away or else even put their fingers in their ears till the noise reduces. Among sensory levels, the touch of a human can set them off as well.

Often due to the auditory problems, the child would also have a hard time with communication. Not only speaking to him or her, but they have problems following directions or being told to do something or told to not do something. In a classroom setting this can lead to further problems with the teachers or kids in the classroom.

This can be very tough not just on the kid, but on the blood relatives of the child. You want nothing more than for him to not have to go through something like that. Really, if you are willing to, a simple life style change could significantly help your child. This does not mean you bought to treat him like he has something wrong with him.