A lot has already been spoken about autism awareness and how people should take up this cause seriously. But for once let us shift our attention from spreading awareness towards understanding the problem from the eyes of an autistic person. What we often fail to realize is the shortcomings that they face in life and the pent up frustration and rejection that builds up inside them. It hampers their morale and spirit making it impossible for them to feel good from inside and design a good life for themselves. Let us throw in some light at the story that they might wish to share.

The psychology of an Autistic Person

Recently a couple of interviews and case studies later a series of observations have been understood about the struggles they go through and ever overcome in life. Let us take a closer look at their side of the story:

  • Peer Pressure – For kids the realization that they are not “normal” as per the standards of the regular society hits them hard when in school in the middle of classmates and peers. Adolescence is all about peer pressure and doing things not out of wanting to do it but out of the fact that their friends are also doing it. This is the drive for kids or teenagers to do things so you can imagine the intensity of this drive among the autistic kids. They do not just suffer from peer pressure but also that they try to achieve it to fit in the friends circle. But this peer pressure needs proper handling for the kids to remain grounded and rooted.
  • Teenage Problems – A teenager's life is all about hanging out with friends, chilling at lounges and going out on dates with a dash of flirting. But do you think that an autistic kid can enjoy such privileges? Well, unfortunately in most cases the answer is no and probably that is the reason for them to stay so depressed and left out because they fear that they will never have a normal life like the other regular kids around the block. Such pent up depression should never be discouraged because this affects the child's psychology very badly and they stay affected believing the fact that they can never have a normal lifestyle which is absolutely not true. Medical science has progressed enough to give the best lifestyle possible to autistic kids.
  • Lack of Friends – Autistic kids have their own set of quirkiness because of which they are thought as abnormals, find it difficult to have friends and they end up being the butt of all jokes. But the inability to have friends like the other kids or peers they find this very hard to accept and deal with it. Friends are the strong pillows that kids of that age need and not having such pillows act as a big setback for them affecting their psychology poorly and making them feel undesired. It is certainly because of all these reasons that they turn into a recluse and feel unwanted to turn away from all this into their nutshell where nobody knows them and they do not know anyone.

When autism affects the mind of the young teenagers it breaks them down completely. It is during such psychological break that parents need to come in front and take control of the situation by being the anchors of their child's life just like the ones the kids need the most during those times. Therefore, it is best to accept that such situations will occur and as parents it is best to stay ready and even prepare your child so that he can brave a beautiful smile during rough waters.