We have spoken at length about how medical science has progressed drastically helping people find an answer to most of the health problems and disorders but unfortunately there still remains quite a few problems to which medical science has no treatment and no answer. But it is worth mentioning and also applauding that there has been a medical procedure and treatment that can reduce the impact of the health problems or even disorders if not completely wipe it off the system. One such health disorder is autism which is a neurological disorder affecting the communication and other social skills of a person drastically. The best thing about this disorder is, the earlier it gets detected the better it is for the person suffering from it because the early treatment can start the higher will be the chances of getting less affected from it. All of this assumes that we should figure out the most common signs and symptoms that would help in detecting whether a child is suffering from autism or not.

The Signs That Detect Autism

The sooner the signs of autism gets exposed the better will the situation get because medical proceedings can begin with the hope that the effects of autism will get reduced with time and age. Let's check out the signs and the problems in analyzing them at an early stage:

  • It is however difficult to detect the signs of this problem before a child turns one because in the initial months the baby is too small to react to his surroundings. After the first 12 months the differences are easy to spot and all the more easy to asses with their behavioral pattern, their tendency to make eye contact and the way they speak. These are probably the major factors but along with them there are several peripheral factors like being hyperactive and a visual irritation of sticking close to people. As soon as these signs get stronger and clearer it is better to consult a doctor because there is no harm in finding out that your child is autistic because it is not a disease, just a way of living.
  • Another major sign is the problem of speech disadvantage, this is one major sign that is easy to detect and once you figure out the initial hits that your child is having you know your next course of plan that you need to do. Problems in communication have an advantage and that is, there is cure for it and all it needs is time and patience along with this you need to instill the faith and belief in your child that a day will come when he will overcome this problem. So it basically sums up to giving a moral boost to your child that he can achieve it.
  • Another surprising feature is the fact that one-third of the individuals with autism possess exceptional language and communication skills just that the percentage of people or kids having this is comparatively less and our aim is to increase the percentage. With the right kind of medical assistance and speech therapy, increasing the figures is not far off.
  • The medical treatment for autism has a wide array of procedures and anyone suffering from it must undergo all these problems but they need to strike the right balance. To know the right balance your doctors are always ready to help you achieve that. The medical procedure is an elaborate process that has the hyperbaric oxygen therapy which gives very effective results in reducing the impact of autism along with the therapy sessions. These therapy session mostly focus on the speech therapy, behavioral therapy and improving your social skills. However, not everyone suffering from autism have the same problems, for some one kind of medical assistance needs more attention while the other medical aid needs less attention but we are nobody to understand this and that is the reason we need our doctors to guide us through this.

All these facts make for an interesting read helping people to understand the problems of autism and the easy ways of understanding the symptoms. All these points bring us closer to the world of autism making us aware about how they are and how we should be when with them.