What causes Autism is one thing every doctor hears when they tell a parent their child is Autistic. There is not one definite response to this question. There are lots of thoughts on what causes Autism. A few of the grounds for Autism are believed to be genetic. Physicians think there are many genes that cause Autism, but have yet to locate them. They now think that some individuals are born with the predisposition to be Autistic. Then they have some kind of environmental trigger and they become Autistic.

Autism is increasingly commonplace in boys that girls. Some studies show a link to environmental factors and autism. They believe that the pollution and toxins forward can give to a child having Autism. Studies have exhibited small towns with high cases of Autism. The towns had one thing in common, a high pollution source. Usually the source is a factory of some sort that release a lot of toxins, and chemicals into the air.

A majority of men and women believe Autism was caused by the Mercury, or Thimersal in vaccinations. This was due to the fact that Autism was first diagnosed about the same time as vaccinations were given.

There has been a lot of studies an research about vaccines causing a child to be Autistic. So far there has been no evidence to suggest the connection between vaccinating your child and Autism. There could be more risks from not having the vaccinations.

Some studies have exhibited children being exposed to high levels of Mercury were more liable to have Autism. This was a fear with the vaccinations, but almost all of these shots do not contain any mercury or Thimersal. If they do contain Thimersal it is in very trace amounts. High amounts of Mercury can be contributed to eating a great deal of fish, and industrial emissions. Researchers think there might be a link to expectant women being exposed to Mercury and their kids having Autism. There are new studies testing pregnant women to see how much Mercury is in their systems and testing the babies at birth. They can then monitor the babies with high Mercury levels and see if they have any problems later.

There are theories that Autism is caused from an undercoming health issue. Certain diseases make a child more viable to build up Autism. Large amount of these diseases include Fragile X syndrome, and congenital Rubella. Others believe Autism is the result of a metabolic imbalance.

It was once thought that Autism was caused from an early emotional trauma. They also thought bad parental was to charge. Doctors tried to charge mothers for not giving their kids enough attention and love. These theories have been discovered untrue. More research is required to name the true cause or causes of Autism. Until a certain answer is found no one will have an idea of ​​what cause a kid to be Autistic. These theories are all just that, theories. Someday hopefully doctors will understand what causes a youngster to be Autistic, and they can work on a way to prevent, or cure it.