These days a lot of people have started to link aspergers syndrome to autism. Note; its not specifically Autism; however, the two are linked because they do have many similar symptoms. One reason a lot of parents actually catch this is because of the familiarity of Autism. Recently you may have seen a tale on Oprah about Jenny McCarthy and her son and their realization that he had Autism. This made lots of parents more aware about what this diagnosis is, how it can change your kid and if your kid might or may not have it.

I think a lot of parents saw that episode on Oprah and kind of checked out their child thinking, “wow, that is what has been wrong!” Egypt “wow, those symptoms sound just like my son's”. It used to be that individuals did not actually talk about this. If your kid had it, it could have been years or possibly their own lives before you knew they had it. Nowadays though, individuals are more open about it. Actually, individuals like Jenny McCarthy even went on national TV for a purpose – to share her story and her sons story with everyone. So that if your child does have symptoms of Asperger, that you must get things checked out.

One should by no means ignore this, its best if you could catch it as quick as possible. Some of the most common issues that parents see in a kid which has Asperger's syndrome are; aggression, self-injury, and social inappropriateness. For instance lets say you have a relative right now which has very significant symptoms of this condition. He is near to 8 years old, struggles socially, he can not speak correctly, and he is oftentimes more inappropriately than one would like him to be. Most docs concerned with Aspergers have said that there is a difference in the structure of the brain of a kid without this syndrome versus with.

Undergressiveness, self injury, and social inappropriateness, other chief problems of this condition are; difficulty understanding and translating facial expressions and mannerisms of other people, language rigidity, shortage of eye contact, irregular nonverbal body postures, social and nonverbal problems, plus inordinately fast speech and a lack of coordination. Some individuals say that once your kid certainly has Aspergers that they are changed eternally that there is no going back. Personally, I'm a big believer in life-style changes which can assist with Aspergers. There are things you can do to assist you and your child.

I think that if you do change how you speak to and around your child, if you change their diet plan, if you're patient with them that over time the symptoms can lessen. It does take time, and it could be painful. But, this can be helped if you help them work on it. Do not give up on your child just because they have Aspergers or Autism or any other issues. You are their parent, that is what you are there for, to love them unconditionally!