It is important to provide intense and continuous assistance to an autistic child. This is the best way to help them when working with them, as repetition is important. If this autistic child is a family member or a student in your class, be sure they are included. That does not mean they have to be the center of attention all the time, but they need to benefit from being part of the group. Helping them feel included will be a benefit to everyone.

An autistic child has a condition that can vary from severe to mild. Working with an them is a way of helping them cope with their condition and treat it. Such a child thrives on consistency. They need their routine. If they get this they will be calmer or able to cope more easily daily. Autistic children need to know what they are doing daily. They need to feel in control and organization. If a routine is not working for them then find out various ways of finding what is best for them. Do not include too much into the schedule either because it is overwhelming. They will become upset and confused in many instanced.

When it comes to rewarding an autistic child it is also important to use the same words every time. This practice should also be used if you have to let them know that they are not doing something properly. This is a form of consistency and it will help them understand the situation better. Experience is not the teaching form for an autistic child, but consistency. They do not learn or remember from experience and can keep on making the same mistake everyday. It requires a lot of patience to deal with such situations. If discipline is needed, then behavior modification is the way to go. Rewards will help by providing motivation. A ratio that is considered best is 10 to 1. When you correct the child be sure to use 10 statements of praise. This will help them understand that modification is needed but they are doing well. It boosts the morale and builds confidence in the child.

Train yourself to help avoid behavior issues in the child. When you notice what happens before a behavior issue then you can find ways to end it before it starts. It may be avoiding eye contact or whining. Give the child a basic job and help the child through it carefully. Remember to give praise. It can also help if you give a detail explanation of something that is going to happen. It will give them a better understanding and they will feel more control. Remember the earlier an autistic child gets treatment, the easier they will be able to adapt.

Putting the child in a special education class can be educative and the parents get to meet and share with other parents. Being a caregiver or parent of an autistic child can be overwhelming at times and stress is high so a forum or group can help.